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Top 10 Reasons to Shop Glendora

The 10 reasons to shop Glendora:

1 Money Spent Here, Stays Here

When us Glendorans make purchases in the city, our money stays in the city. Our local businesses bring in income and the tax revenue generated is applied to the city fund, which is divided amongst our many parks, city services, community programs, etc.

2 Savings! Savings! Savings!

Rather than traveling to neighboring cities and spending extra time and gas, shop locally and save both. Plus when large items are purchased outside of the city, they often require hefty shipping charges. A penny saved, is a penny earned, so shop locally!

3 Excellent Customer Service!

Local merchants enjoy their regular customers just as we enjoy when the local barista remembers how we take our coffee or when a merchant has set aside a product they thought we’d like. Close proximity makes our merchants our neighbors, which results in friendly and excellent customer service.

4 Environmental Impact

Shopping locally requires less automobile use (which lowers C02 emissions), and encourages us Glendorans to dust off our bicycles or pull our walking shoes from the back of the closet. It’s easy being green!

5 Local Merchants Support Local Causes

Local merchants have a vested interest in ensuring that the community stays healthy and attractive. When its time to pitch in and donate time, product or a service, our local merchants are our community’s biggest supporters. When they prosper, our local causes do as well.

6 Glendora Shops Can Best Meet Glendora Needs

With their advantage of listening and speaking to residents of the community every day, local shops can stock the products or offer the services that best meet our needs.

7 Local Expertise

Glendora’s shop keepers are an incredibly knowledgeable group of people. Whether they run a clothing store, a home store or one of our many automotive repair shops, our local merchants are experts in their fields.

8 Community Character

Glendora’s character is derived from its desirable location, unique shopping centers, and neighborly atmosphere. Shopping locally helps support this atmosphere.

9 Job Market

More and more job opportunities arise when our local shops thrive. When they have lots of loyal customers to serve, they’ll hire more friendly staff to take care of you. Did you know that small businesses are the largest employers nationally?

10 Many Choices!

With all of Glendora’s unique shops and diverse product mixes, local shoppers can choose from a wide array of goods and services. Glendora has lots to offer!

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