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La Dee Dah Party in a Box

Give your child a birthday party like the movie stars’ kids!

We take the best and most creative Southern California ideas from upscale parties, and put them into a beautifully prepared box – just for you, your precious child, and 5 lucky guests! Every detail of these parties will “WOW” you and your guests. There are no other parties like these (unless you hire a Beverly Hills designer.) Our boxed parties are a bit expensive, and worth every single dollar! You will love them, and your party will create wonderful memories.

“We are a very experienced, professional mother and daughter team of happy party planners! As a mom and grandmom, and as friends of many “high-profile” people who give large, grand parties for their children, we have seen the best of the best. We know the secrets of giving your child a wonderful birthday party experience, at a fraction of the cost of a “live” party-planner. We live near downtown Los Angeles, so we know all the little hidden places to purchase your goodies at wholesale, and where to have certain items custom-made. We then package GREAT themed parties with almost everything you will need to have a designer party, at a fair price. Part of the purchase price of La Dee Dah Party in a Box include detailed, easy-to-follow steps to decorate, and to set up the extra-special touches for your child and your guests. We include photos, so following the instructions is clear. Designer birthday parties for children include easy, delicious food that is child-friendly. You can buy the food, make some of it, or make all of it. It’s your choice and it is all clever and easy. We tell you EXACTLY how to do it. WE DESIGNED THESE PARTIES FOR BUSY MOMS – we have the time to hunt down these great party details – WE UNDERSTAND YOUR TIME IS MORE LIMITED! Trust us to help you give your child/grandchild/niece or nephew the time of their life. And when you order your La Dee Dah Party in a Box, remember that PARENTS WILL WANT TO BE PART OF THESE PARTIES! You may want to order more than one party, or order add-ons! They are worth it!

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