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John Lundstrom Named 2013 Glendora Citizen of the Year

The Glendora Chamber of Commerce announced that Glendora resident John Lundstrom has been selected as 2013 Citizen of the Year.

John Lundstrom, a proud member of the community of Glendora, has been actively involved in service to the community of Glendora. John has served:

  1. Glendora Historical Society (GHS) after seeing how much fun the members were having trying to get the old City Fire Engine started for the Christmas Parade.  After learning how the Society worked, he assumed more responsibility, being 1st VP and Program Chair, and serving as President off and on for a total of 7 years.
  2. As  President of the GHS John met with Michael Rubel about his desire to  gift the Rubel Castle to the GHS. In February a signing ceremony was held at Michael’s home where Rubelia became the property of GHS.
  3. As a member of the Steering Committee John worked to get the “Rubel Castle Historic District” listed in the National Register of Historic Places which they did successfully.
  4. To facilitate the process of first, recording images and descriptions of all the GHS Museum and Pharm collections into the digital world for safe keeping.  And second, using Past Perfect museum software, we are now able to post our collection “on the cloud” making it possible for researchers anywhere to view.
  5. John is also the self-appointed keeper of the Seth Thomas Tower Clock in the Castle.  It requires winding every day.
  6. John also enjoyed his time with Glendora Community Coordinating Council (GCCC), where he served as Treasurer for several years, then as Program Chair, and finally as Board member and Parliamentarian.
  7. Also received the Humanitarian Service Award from the GCCC in 2006.
  8. John has also served on the Glendora Library Friends Foundation for about 7 years as Board Member, Secretary, Treasurer, and now Vice President.
  9. John has served on the Glendora Welfare Association Board as Member, Bylaws Review Chair, President, and presently am serving as Treasurer.
  10. Served on the GUSD Prop. 38 Oversight Committee
  11. In conjunction with the 2008 L.A. County Fair John was selected as Glendora’s Community Hero and recognized by the Los Angeles Times for my volunteer contributions to the community.
  12. John is also presently serving on the Citrus College Citizen’s Oversight Committee, which is charged with overseeing the bond money being expended in the present refurbishment and new building that is occurring on that campus.
  13. Serving as Secretary of the Kiwanis Club of Glendora.  Has previously served as Treasurer and on the Bylaws Review Committee for our Club and helped to write the Bylaws of their 501 (C) (3) public benefit corporation, The Kiwanis Club of Glendora Projects Fund, Inc.

John Lundstrom will be honored at a banquet in his honor on Thursday, April 24th at the Glendora Country Club.  Reservations are $45 and are required.   Tickets will not be issued, but beginning March 10th, those who prepay will be placed on a reservation list.  For more information, or to make a reservation, visit the Glendora Chamber of Commerce at 224 N. Glendora Ave., or go to or contact the Chamber at 626-963-4128.


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